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Infinity Ward takes us back to WWII in a sequel boasting improvements across the board.

Tuesday 2nd Dec 2008
Friday 30th Jun 2006
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    New map attack wave assaults CoD 2

    Activision and Infinity Ward have unleashed the Invasion Map Pack for Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360, which features five new multiplayer maps for the WWII shooter.

Tuesday 27th Jun 2006
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    Call of Duty 2 maps land this week

    If you're still busy bashing the opposition in Call of Duty 2, you'll be pleased to know that five new Xbox 360-version multiplayer maps will be landing this week, and for a smaller asking price than we expected.

Wednesday 3rd May 2006
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    New maps for Xbox 360's Call of Duty 2

    Activision and Infinity Ward plan to release nine new multiplayer maps for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 2 over Xbox Live in the coming months.

Wednesday 12th Apr 2006
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    CoD 2 punks cheats, new multiplayer maps

    Activision and Infinity Ward have finally handed PC Call of Duty 2 fans a long-looked-for update/patch that tackles dirty CoD 2 multiplayer cheats with the PunkBuster anti-cheat software, the update also including an extra little bonus in the shape of two new multiplayer maps. You can download the patch from the official Call of Duty 2 website.

Wednesday 22nd Mar 2006
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    Call of Duty 2 gets 360 patch treatment

    Everyone's got a soft spot for WWII-themed shooters, but there's undeniably only one shooter ruling the Xbox 360 roost, and it's Infinity Ward's stellar Call of Duty 2.

Monday 27th Feb 2006
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    Call of Duty 2 prepares for patch

    There's no debate that Call of Duty 2 is one of the finest WWII shooters out there and today, with the announcement of large patch improvements for the game, it's bound to get a whole lot better.

Thursday 23rd Feb 2006
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    TV watchdog sniffs out CoD2 ads

    We'll be honest; the Call of Duty 2 ads running on TV are a bit cheeky. They depict an explosive WWII action scene from the viewpoint of your typical first-person shooter, except the TV commercial is actually using pre-rendered CGI graphics of a far superior standard to those in the actual game.

Thursday 2nd Feb 2006
Thursday 22nd Dec 2005
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