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Star Trek

Star Trek

PlayStation 3
Namco Bandai
Digital Extremes
Action, Adventure
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Star Trek is Digital Extremes and Namco Bandai's third-person cover shooter and its release date is set for April 23rd 2013. Releasing close to the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie, Star Trek the game is firmly pitched as a single-player and co-op shooter chronicling the burgeoning bromance between callow Enterprise skipper James Tiberius Kirk and logical Vulcan first officer Spock. The game is set in between the first JJ Abrahams' big screen reboot of the long-standing and much loved sci-fi franchise and Into Darkness and will feature classic Star Trek enemies, the lizard like Gorn. Star Trek will release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Friday 13th Sep 2013
Monday 2nd Sep 2013
Thursday 25th Apr 2013
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    Star Trek review: Brown alert

    Once upon a time, Star Trek was a vision of an optimistic, enlightened future where solving problems with violence was a last resort. Now, thanks to J.J. Abrams' fun-but-shallow reboot, it's a slick action film that's light on sci-fi, but big on explosions, excitement, and witty dialogue. Do you think your average popcorn muncher wants to see Picard sipping Earl Grey and calmly negotiating with a nebula? Of course not. They want to see Kirk 2.0 shooting an alien with a phaser as planets explode in the background.

Tuesday 23rd Apr 2013
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Thursday 18th Apr 2013
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