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Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

PlayStation 3
EA Games
Visceral Games
Survival Horror, Action
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Dead Space 3 is the third instalment in EA and Visceral Game's sci-fi survival horror shooter series and its release date is 8th February 2013. Dead Space 3 sees series' hero Isaac Clarke return to battle against the Necromorphs but also take on new human enemies in the form of the Unitologist armies. With new co-operative elements added into the mix, there'll be plenty of opportunities for drop in team-ups with new hero, EarthGov soldier John Carver. A fair portion of Dead Space 3 will be set on ice planet Tau Volantis but plenty more in-space sections and other locations are promised. Fans are hoping that with Dead Space 3, Visceral Games will retain the series' finest survival-horror traditions while adding brand new elements to the mix.

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