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Alone in the Dark

PlayStation 3
Eden Games
Survival Horror
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Spooky next-gen shenanigans as the classic game that kick-started the survival horror genre returns

Thursday 13th Nov 2008
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    Alone in the Dark PS3 gets BANGING remixes

    Atari is set to accompany the release of PS3 re-working Alone in the Dark: Inferno with a remix of the game's main theme by renowned Electronic Dance Music DJ Tiesto.

Monday 3rd Nov 2008
Saturday 11th Oct 2008
Friday 5th Sep 2008
Monday 11th Aug 2008
Thursday 19th Jun 2008
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    Win! GeForce 8800 GTX & Alone in the Dark

    Atari has turned Central Park into hell on earth in Alone in the Dark, and we're giving away copies of the cinematic horror on PC to 10 lucky winners.

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    Alone in the Dark

    ... they lied. There comes a point in AITD, about 80% in, where Eden Studios pulls a very cheap trick. It artificially boosts the longevity of a game perilously close to the wrong side of the six hour mark by featuring a root-killing collect-a-thon, similar to Zelda: Wind Waker's Triforce shard hunt. For one brief moment we caught sight of the game we were promised. Then, after a quick spell, it was all over.

Tuesday 17th Jun 2008
Friday 13th Jun 2008
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    Alone in the Dark - Wii TV spot

    Point your eyes to the right of this page and you'll a little square box with moving pictures in it. That's what you want. It's a pretty cool TV spot, specifically for the Wii version. Look at its cool motion controls.

Monday 9th Jun 2008
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    Alone in the Dark - done

    Eden Games downs tools and puts its feet up as work on Atari's movie-style scare-'em-up is finally wrapped up, although the PS3 version isn't out until autumn.

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