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Rainbow Six: Vegas

PlayStation Portable
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Tuesday 4th Mar 2008
Monday 2nd Jul 2007
Friday 29th Jun 2007
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    Rainbow Six: Vegas

    Counter-terrorist teams don't often arrive as late as Rainbow Six. Originally scheduled to appear as a launch title, if this had been a real hostage situation, then everyone would have already been shot or died of starvation. But despite forcing us to wait around for ages, Rainbow Six Vegas is definitely here to deliver. It's a slick combination of strategy, focused aggression and all-out nerves of steel.

Tuesday 26th Jun 2007
Wednesday 18th Apr 2007
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    Rainbow Six: Vegas content assaults Live

    The delayed Player's Pack Red Edition content update for Rainbow Six: Vegas on Xbox 360 is now available to download from Live for 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80).

Tuesday 3rd Apr 2007
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    Looking Back... Rainbow Six: Vegas

    Las Vegas - a city synonymous with Hollywood glamour, Elvis, casinos, the Rat Pack and endless dodgy escort/contact magazines promoted by unfortunate illegal immigrants. America's gambling paradise, however, is an unlikely setting for a notoriously hardcore tactical shooter with a squad that has to take on a band of particularly brutal South American terrorists. Ubisoft Montreal's game designer Steven Masters huddles in Canada's -14-degree big-freeze to give us a warm insight into the making of Rainbow Six: Vegas...

Friday 30th Mar 2007
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    Where's Rainbow Six: Vegas DLC?

    Last month Ubisoft announced that Player's Pack Red Edition, new download content for Rainbow Six: Vegas on Xbox 360, would be released at the end of March and we're now here - so where is it?

Tuesday 13th Feb 2007
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    R6 Vegas multiplayer enhanced

    Player's Pack Red Edition, new download content for the Xbox 360 version of tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Vegas, is gearing up for release at the end of March.

Friday 5th Jan 2007
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    Rainbow Six: Vegas

    Irena Morales is a very naughty girl. Not only has she been sticking soggy pieces of chewing gum to the underside of tables, she and her team of Mexican terrorists are also dabbling with the idea of blowing up Las Vegas with a big bomb that goes boom and breaks stuff into little pieces. Sounds like a job for the Rainbow team and I'm not talking about Zippy, Bungle and George.

Friday 22nd Dec 2006
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    Rainbow Six: Vegas

    People keep banging on about how the PS3 launch game is a return to the highly tactical, slow-paced Rainbow Six games of old, but this PSP version refuses to play ball and stubbornly continues where Lockdown's more arcadey leanings left off on PS2. Maybe it's the handheld's limited capacity or its button layout restrictions, but Rainbow Six Vegas is one arduous shooting gallery of a game.

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