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    Sony discontinuing MAG, Socom multiplayer

    ...shut down the multiplayer servers for MAG: Massive Action Game, SOCOM 4 and SOCOM Confrontation in the New Year. In an annou...

    16th Jul 2013

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    Sony: SOCOM franchise 'not definitely retired'

    ...on Magazine US that gamers shouldn't rule out the return of the SOCOM franchise one day. The executive said the move to close...

    31st Jul 2012

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    MotorStorm, SOCOM titles lose online support

    ...ine support on October 1, along with MotorStorm Arctic Edge and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 on PSP. The PSP version of The Ey...

    20th Jul 2012

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    SOCOM Special Forces

    SOCOM has been around since 2003, but none of the games have ever been really sensational. You can always rely on them for solid...

    11th May 2011

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    SOCOM 4 Trophies revealed

    ...has gone ahead and revealed the full list of Trophy rewards for SOCOM 4, aka SOCOM: Special Forces. Among the list are 15 h...

    7th Mar 2011

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    Sony shuts SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive

    ...eractive, the developer of tactical third person shooter series SOCOM, as well as MAG for PS3 and most recently Unit 13 for V...

    31st Mar 2012

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    SOCOM: A history of the classic squad shooter

    ...ioneer the genre on the PS2 was Zipper Interactive's much-loved SOCOM series. Hailed by PlayStation fans through its three m...

    15th Apr 2011

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    SOCOM 4: 'Making the music' movie

    ...ed a brand new trailer detailing the making of the music behind SOCOM 4. The SOCOM 4 soundtrack was composed by Bear McC...

    14th Apr 2011

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    SOCOM 4 launch trailer releases

    Sony has released a brand new trailer to support the launch of SOCOM 4: Special Forces which is out in the UK and Europe today. ...

    21st Apr 2011

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    SOCOM 4: beta schedule is go

    Sony has opened up the SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals beta to early access holders, so if you've got a copy of Killzone 3 now's the tim...

    29th Mar 2011

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