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Medal Of Honor Warfighter

Xbox 360
EA Games
EA Games

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is Danger Close's newest incarnation of the popular military shooter and the 2012 version is set to feature a focus on two-player fire teams and elite special forces from around the world. Warfighter is the first Medal of Honor game not to focus on an identifiable real world battles, instead concentrating on a fictitious Tier 1 lockdown on the creation and distribution of PETN explosives. Powered by the Frostbite 2.0 gaming engine, Medal of Honor: Warfighter promises authenticity in its single-player campaign and a host of options in multiplayer.

Wednesday 17th Apr 2013
Wednesday 13th Feb 2013
Thursday 31st Jan 2013
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    EA narrows losses but sales decline

    Electronic Arts brought in noticeably less money than usual during the last three months of the year, though a tighter grip on its finances ensured that its overall loss wasn't as traumatic as it might have been.

Wednesday 30th Jan 2013
Tuesday 13th Nov 2012
Friday 9th Nov 2012
Wednesday 31st Oct 2012
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    EA reveals $381 million loss for Q2

    Electronic Arts has reported a net loss of $381 million for the three months ending in September, due in part to a weakened packaged goods business.

Tuesday 30th Oct 2012
Friday 26th Oct 2012
Thursday 25th Oct 2012
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    Medal of Honor Warfighter review round-up

    Although we're still in the process of reviewing Danger Close's Medal of Honor Warfighter reviews for the EA published first-person shooter have started to appear online.

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